ETS is currently serving four producing fields – Cygnus, Trent, Kilmar and Garrow (collectively known as Tors).

ETS was originally constructed as a 24 inch diameter, 204 kilometre pipeline between the Esmond Area fields and the Bacton terminal.

First gas from the Esmond Area was in 1985 from the Esmond, Forbes and Gordon fields. Production from these fields ceased in 1995, and the Esmond Area facilities were decommissioned in phases between 1993 and 2004.

Subsequently, a joint venture between the ETS owners and the Trent and Tyne group was signed in 1996 to allow for the evacuation of gas from the Perenco operated Trent and Tyne fields and subsequently the Alpha Petroleum operated Tors development. The ETS pipeline was reconfigured in 1996 with the disconnection of 37 kilometres of the original ETS pipeline ("northern leg") and the tie-in of the 20 inch Trent/Tyne gas export pipeline into the remaining 165 kilometres ("southern leg") of the ETS pipeline to Bacton. The Tyne field ceased production in November 2015, and Perenco submitted their decommissioning plan for the Tyne platform in July 2018.

The ETS pipeline was further reconfigured in 2015 with the installation of a subsea Wye Manifold, creating a new subsea entry point to the ETS for both the existing 20 inch Trent/Tyne export pipeline, and the new 24 inch diameter Cygnus export pipeline. Neptune Energy operate the Cygnus field, which came on stream in December 2016. Cygnus is the largest development in the UK sector of the Southern North Sea in the last 30 years, and has the potential to extend throughput in ETS beyond 2040.

The 37 kilometre disconnected "Northern Leg" of the ETS is maintained under preservation (filled with treated seawater), and will be retained by the ETS owners for future potential re-use.

Key Stats

Started operating in 1985

Supports four producing fields - Cygnus, Trent, Kilmar and Garrow (collectively known as Tors)

Delivers 5% of UK gas demand from the Cygnus field alone

The ETS pipeline comprises a 165 kilometre, 24 inch carbon steel subsea pipeline installed connecting the Cygnus, Trent and Tors development fields to the Bacton terminal.

The 20 inch diameter, 1.1 kilometre Trent/Tyne export pipeline connects the Trent platform to the ETS subsea Wye Manifold. The 24 inch diameter, 51 kilometre Cygnus export pipeline connects the Cygnus offshore platform to the ETS Wye Manifold.

The ETS is a wet gas pipeline system, with gas processing performed at Perenco's onshore Bacton gas terminal. The Bacton gas terminal treats the gas to meet sales gas specification to the National Transmission System, and removes natural gas liquids for export by onshore pipelines to downstream industry and storage.

The pipeline carries gas and hydrocarbon condensates concurrently.

ETS currently serves three producing fields:

  • Tors – operated by Alpha Petroleum
  • Trent – operated by Perenco
  • Cygnus – operated by Neptune Energy

We believe that maximising economic recovery will be best served by upstream and midstream operators working closely together to stimulate future investment, an approach that is aligned with the Oil & Gas Authority’s view that maximising economic recovery will be driven by right assets being in the right hands.

We are not in competition with upstream operators. Upstream operators are our customers and focusing on their needs is a business imperative.

On ETS, we collaborate closely with our customers to ensure we maximise the full potential of the system and enhance throughput.

Kellas Midstream acquired a 25% interest in ETS in December 2017 and went on to acquire a further 40% interest in June 2018.

Partners in ETS are Chrysaor (10%) and Neptune Energy (25%).

Perenco operates the ETS pipeline on behalf of Kellas, and is also the operator of the Bacton terminal.

For further information about access to the ETS system, please contact Andrew Sanders, Senior Commercial Advisor, Perenco UK Limited, 3 Central Avenue, St Andrews Business Park, Norwich NR7 0HR, tel: +44 (0)1603 771 103.


Operator: Kellas North Sea 2 Limited (wholly owned by Kellas Midstream)

Owners (equity): Kellas Midstream (65%), Neptune Energy (25%), Chrysaor (10%)

Operating Partner: Perenco UK