At Kellas Midstream we believe that no-one should suffer harm at work and we are committed to operating responsibly across all areas of our business.

Operating responsibly means that we will deliver our operations and services to focus on the control of major hazards, protect the health and prevent injury to all people impacted by the work we do and minimise our impact on the environment. Should operational results and safety ever come into conflict, we all have a responsibility to choose safety over operational results.

Our  HSSE policy defines our commitments to our employees, partners, customers and stakeholders.

Download our HSSE policy

Kellas Midstream, with operator Perenco is committed to managing ETS safely and responsibly.

If you are planning to work near the ETS pipeline please contact Andrew Sanders, Senior Commercial Advisor, Perenco UK Limited, 3 Central Avenue, St Andrews Business Park, Norwich NR7 0HR, tel: +44 (0)1603 771 103, for advice and to notify them of any work you are planning in the vicinity.

Following these steps will help everyone stay safe when operating near the ETS pipeline.

Download our HSSE policy