Who We Are

When our company was created, we had one goal – to establish a successful energy infrastructure business that would play an important role in maximising economic recovery in the North Sea.

Our first investment was in one of the most significant assets in the UK’s national infrastructure, the Central Area Transmission System (CATS); CATS is a successful and much valued part of our business and the foundation from which we continue to grow.

Today, we are Kellas Midstream

We are intelligent, resourceful, patient and agile.

Characteristics which we are proud to embody, and which have played a key role in our success to date, these qualities share their DNA with the legendary Scottish wildcat from which we take our name – the Kellas.

In only five years, we have grown significantly – adding the Esmond Transportation System (ETS), and the Humber Gathering System (HGS) to our portfolio; and welcoming new people to our team, whose expertise has added great value to our organisation.

It is our people who will secure our future and fuel our continued growth – their collective experience, knowledge and commitment are at the core of our business and will drive us forward to further success.

Our history

Our story began in 2014 when Antin Infrastructure Partners invested in the Central Area Transmission System (CATS) via CATS Management Limited, the entity formed to manage Antin's interests in the North Sea. CATS Management set the strategy, delivering safe and efficient operational and financial performance, and growing the business.

Following further investment in the Central and Southern North Sea, including expansion into greenfield development with the Humber Gathering System, and to reflect its growing portfolio CATS Management rebranded its business to be known as Kellas Midstream.

After a very successful five years, in early 2020, Antin Infrastructure Partners sold their interest in Kellas Midstream to global investment and asset managers BlackRock and GIC.