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Blue Hydrogen

Making low carbon hydrogen at scale a reality
H2NorthEast - Bringing Low Carbon Hydrogen to Teesside
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Blue Hydrogen Technology
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Hydrogen is a clean fuel. When it burns, it reacts with oxygen to create water. By capturing the emissions associated with creating Blue Hydrogen it is an excellent net zero solution in the short and medium term, whilst infrastructure is put in place to create hydrogen from renewable sources.

Much greater CO2 mitigation can be achieved in a centralised blue hydrogen plant than trying to capture the CO2 downstream (post combustion) at multiple decentralised customer sites.

Blue hydrogen technology is scalable now, compared to green hydrogen from renewable sources which is currently limited by small unit size, high capex and high opex.

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Importance of Teesside
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Nearly half of the UK’s industrial cluster CO2 emissions come from the high density of industrial sites in Teesside and the Humber, making it an ideal region to focus on for helping the UK reach its Net Zero target.

Teesside heavy industry

A significant proportion of the UK’s natural gas production already comes ashore to Teesside for processing. There is also a readily available and skilled workforce in the region to operate and maintain hydrogen facilities. 

With the combination of existing infrastructure, skills, gas supply and density of industry, Teesside is an ideal place to focus on low-carbon hydrogen production. 

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There are many features that make the CATS terminal an ideal location for blue hydrogen production in Teesside.

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