Gas is an important energy transition fuel and forecasts show it will remain a key part of the energy mix for the foreseeable future.

Midstream infrastructure is a critically important part of this industry and to the future of the North Sea. It underpins the industry’s ability to maximise economic recovery (MER) in the UKCS.

As owner and operator of significant midstream infrastructure, Kellas Midstream has a key role to play.

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Midstream supporting MER

Dedicated independent midstream owners like Kellas Midstream are supporting MER.

Supporting MER by:

Securing the long-term availability of and access to critical infrastructure

Creating a level playing field for all gas producers by treating them on a non-discriminatory basis

Seeking win-win solutions with upstream operators to get the most out of existing and planned offshore hubs

Investing directly in existing and new infrastructure, which incentivises upstream investments

Dedicated Midstream Infrastructure Ownership

  • Dedicated infrastructure owners like Kellas Midstream are fully incentivised to maximise throughput, deliver high uptime and extend the life of midstream assets.
  • We are not in competition with upstream operators. Upstream operators are our customers and focusing on their needs is a business imperative.
  • We seek ways to collaborate not only with our customers, but with our partners and other stakeholders to increase the volume of gas produced in the North Sea, using innovative models that challenge conventional ways of working.

Our contribution to maximising economic recovery in the UKCS was recognised by the industry when the HGS/Tolmount infrastructure partnership won an MER UK award at the 2018 Oil & Gas UK Awards.

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