Purpose & Principles

Purpose & Principles

Our purpose and principles demonstrate why we are in business, how we conduct our business, and what we are focused on.

Our purpose


Our purpose is to be an energy infrastructure company delivering safe, reliable and innovative solutions for our customers, and growth for our stakeholders.


Our focus and area of expertise is on critical energy infrastructure, servicing customers in the UK. We invest in critical, long-life energy infrastructure, run it safely and efficiently, and seek to encourage and incentivise further upstream development.


We are responsible and reliable.

Responsible: high safety and environmental standards; high operational integrity; and a win-win approach to our business relationships.

Reliable: high uptime; efficient operations; and partners see our business approach as consistent and dependable.

Our principles

Our principles are the values which support us in achieving our purpose.


Everything we do is underpinned by honesty, trust and credibility; our ethos is “always do the right thing”.


Collaboration, cooperation, agility and mutual interest are consistent across all our relationships, whether with employees, customers, regulators or operating partners. Our goal is to deliver win-win results for all.


Our determination to succeed, coupled with our experience and professionalism, is what allows us to deliver excellent results, add value and make a success of everything we do, even when faced with the greatest of challenges.


Kellas Midstream Limited

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Pipeline Emergency

To report a pipeline emergency please call +44 (0)1642 546404 and ask for the Operations team.