Inchgarth community garden in full bloom thanks to boost from Kellas Midstream

Kellas Midstream Limited has partnered with Inchgarth Community Council to support the ongoing development of its community garden in Garthdee.

In addition to donating £2,000 for the purchase of materials and equipment, a group of volunteers from Kellas took part in a day of gardening and maintenance with the Inchgarth community gardening group, which is led by local resident and volunteer Bryan Hall.

Activities included building fences, laying paving stones, and planting flowers, trees and shrubs.

Alan Murray, Operations Director at Kellas Midstream said: “We are extremely pleased to be supporting the Inchgarth community garden, which is a valuable asset for the residents of Garthdee, and a project where we believed we could really make a difference.

“By building on the work that Bryan and his team have already done, the garden is now ready for the spring and summer months when it will be widely used by many in the local community, as a safe and pleasant space to meet, play and socialise.”

Paul O’Connor, manager of Inchgarth Community Centre added: “We are delighted with the support Kellas Midstream has given us, not only financially but in terms of the time the team has committed to ensure the garden is a facility for the entire community to use and be proud of for many years to come.

“Bryan Hall and his team of volunteers have been instrumental in the garden’s ongoing development and maintenance since it was launched in August 2018, and the additional support from Kellas has helped us take the garden to the next level much quicker than we had planned.

“Thanks to Kellas we are now much closer to achieving our vision of creating a safe and welcoming space where everyone in the community can come to socialise and relax, and that we can use to as a hub for projects for children, people with disabilities, the elderly, and those who are looking for volunteering opportunities.

“This really is a great example of how companies in the energy sector can make a contribution that has a positive and lasting impact on people in the local community.”