Kellas installs Project Canary continuous emissions monitoring technology at CATS

Kellas has deployed continuous emissions monitoring at its Teesside Central Area Transmission System (CATS) terminal in partnership with Project Canary, a US-based SaaS-focused ESG data analytics firm. The ultra-sensitive Canary sensors have been installed at multiple points around CATS to precisely detect, monitor, and measure methane emissions at the site level in real-time.

  • Emissions monitoring technology is key to Kellas’ near-term carbon intensity reduction strategy and ESG leadership
  • Kellas is responsible for transporting 40 percent of the UK’s domestic gas production
  • This pioneering monitoring technology allows Kellas to better understand if and when they have emission events and map any trends to enable rapid intervention
  • Rigorous technology review identified only one product, Project Canary, that was ready for commercial operation
  • Project Canary provides direct continuous (real-time) & accurate (to 0.25ppm) measurement of methane through ultra-sensitive Project Canary sensors installed at multiple locations around the CATS facility

In 2021, a significant proportion of UK energy demand was fulfilled by oil and natural gas.

Continued investment in oil and gas is necessary to ensure a smooth energy transition. Even the most optimistic forecasts for adopting renewable energy sources predict that the UK will continue to need and use hydrocarbons for decades to come. As hydrocarbons continue to play a critical role in the UK's energy mix, energy security and ESG leadership are becoming even more important for both the economy and the environment. Kellas is committed to meeting this demand responsibly and maximizing visibility and transparency for all stakeholders–including the government, owners, and the local communities in which it operates.

“Kellas supports the North Sea Transition Deal’s commitment to decarbonization. We must lead the way in reducing carbon intensity in our own operations,” said Andy Hessell, Managing Director of Kellas. “We have achieved a 25 percent reduction in carbon intensity in our existing operations over the last few years and aim to make further significant reductions by the end of the year in 2024. Project Canary’s technology enables us to precisely measure our performance, drive improvement, and minimise the potential for methane emissions from the gas we transport for our domestic consumers.”

This partnership with Kellas represents Project Canary’s first international system installation, as the company has grown rapidly in the U.S. with its comprehensive measurement and environmental performance certification solutions. 12 monitoring units were successfully deployed in at Kellas’ CATS terminal in December 2021.

“We’ve spent the last four years providing US companies with innovative emissions data to facilitate demonstrable environmental performance changes. With Kellas, we’ve found the right partner to take our commercialized climate-tech for high-performance emissions monitoring to Europe,” said Chris Romer, CEO of Project Canary. “North Sea gas production will play an essential role in Europe’s energy transition, and Kellas is leading the way to a lower-carbon future.”

Sustainability is part of Kellas’ DNA, and this partnership aligns with the company’s ambitious ESG strategy. Through a series of decarbonization initiatives, including Project Canary’s continuous emissions monitoring, Kellas is working towards a sustainable and profitable net-zero carbon future.


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