Kellas supports teamwork and problem solving at Aberdeen school

Julie, Pauline and Kate from the Kellas team have worked with an S1 class at Hazlehead Academy in Aberdeen as part of an Interdisciplinary Learning series in collaboration with DYW (Developing the Young Workforce North East).

The entire S1 year group is participating in the initiative to encourage skills development in teamwork, problem solving, decision making and attitude, working alongside volunteers from local businesses. We led a fun activity with our class – the Egg Drop! – which challenged the young people to create a device to protect an egg so it could be dropped from 2 meters without breaking.

We split the class into 5 teams and gave them each a box full of different materials – including straws, string, blue tac, rubber bands, even marshmallows, and off course an egg – and they had 20 minutes to plan, design and make their egg protector. There was even a bit of maths thrown in, as each item had an associated cost, meaning the teams had to try and spend as little as possible by using as few items as possible.

Thanks to DYW for supporting us and linking us up with the school.


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