Supporting ALK Positive UK as one of our new partner charities

We are supporting the fantastic work of ALK Positive UK as one of our new partner charities.

ALK-positive is a relatively rare form of lung cancer caused by the abnormal rearrangement of the anaplastic lymphoma kinase gene. The vast majority of patients are non-smokers, half are under 50 years of age when diagnosed with some being much younger, and the majority are female.

The charity started 4 years ago as an online support group for patients and we were delighted to hear from its founder, Debra Montague, about how it has grown over the years to become an invaluable source of UK-wide support delivered thorough an online community of forums and social media groups, in-person meetings, social events, an annual conference and a team of regional ambassadors.

Its focus is on helping everyone diagnosed in the UK to receive the best care possible and live their best lives for as long as possible through support, empowerment and advocacy.

As well as providing financial donations, we’ll be looking at other ways we can help, including identifying sources of training for the charity’s ambassadors.


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